Im just sitting here in the “land of milk and honey”  .. softly.. just admiring my grandsons visit with me now; here at our State Farm Insurance Tee It Up Radio studio on this magnificent Friday morning June 21, sizzling Sherman Oaks, California…“the golden state”.

Again, fast approaching, our epic broadcast on my mind- June 30th from USS Iowa, battleship of US Navy, retired… down in the port of Los Angeles. Cant wait! Proud to be an American. Sometimes I get so fed up seeing so many untrained, out of the main stream weirdos…acting like morons and not having a clue how fortunate they are to be living free in this union of ours…get real.


Independence Day fast approaching – July 4th.  We will be with our new friends from our local flagship station, set up in a booth at nearby iconic Rose Bowl. Come on by before the annual fireworks show and concert begins. We will be on site so look for our AM 870 “The Answer / Tee It Up Radio Network banners 12 noon til 3pm; wed love to meet you.


Reminder show here in Southern California moves up the dial to AM 870 Sundays 7-8am    starting on Sunday July 7th.


img_father_son_golf copy


KEEPING IT SHORT AND SWEET. I am very proud to be a dad to the most amazing 22 month old, Anderson Gottfried.



WHAT A FEELING it is to be a father. Now i know how my dad has always felt. lol. Speaking of dad, talk about being fortunate to not only have a very close relationship with my dad, but to work side by side is a blessing! I want to wish all the DADS out there a very HAPPY FATHERS DAY, on this special and traditional US OPEN SUNDAY. Enjoy the golf!



MEMORIAL DAY by AL Gottfried


Sherman Oaks, California, our State Farm Insurance Tee It Up Show broadcast center studios

Thinking of the past weeks activities surrounding Memorial Day. I cant help but think of my deceased beloved father and father-n-law, Jerry and George respectively, both veterans of WW2. Both fought in combat and were true American patriots who loved this country and were great guys!  This goes for millions of men and women who gave their lives. Still giving lives so all us can enjoy our liberties; its bantered a lot I know, trite but so true.

My thoughts today are on family and golf and the good lives most of us enjoy..

I’m compelled to write about one of the most sad, but joyous tv interviews I have ever seen that occurred last weekend on NBC, conducted by NBC’s  Brian Williams; interviewing 7 women who are grateful survivors of the ill fated recent Boston marathon bombing –  but all who lost a leg! It was unreal. I encourage everyone to watch this interview. And then take a deep breathe like I have been doing ever since. Reflect on how much we all bitch and moan when we get a cold or some back pain from our not so perfect golf swing..

Think again on how we live here in the Untied States and enjoy all the opportunities we are given and have freedom to pursue dreams. Occupations, careers, etc… Freedom to be with friends and family and not only pursue valuable time on golf courses or traveling or taking part in what ever recreational activities we want to do.

Finally, go squeeze a loved one, a friend, a customer, anyone you like or love;  hug them and tell them how much you care about them. Go play some golf too and give a listen to us all on…live broadcasts Sundays 6-8am PST / 9-11am EST.